We are excited to announce that Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS) has awarded a subcontract to Edgewater Technical Associates to provide Administrative Services at the Hanford Reservation in Richland, WA.  

Under the Hanford Administrative Services contract, Edgewater will provide a variety of complex administrative functions in support of members of the HMIS Executive and Senior Management.  In addition, Edgewater will provide correspondence control and DOE receptionist support services. These services will work with the DOE Richland Operations Office (RL), the DOE Office of River Protection (ORP), the RL and ORP contractors, and their subcontractors executing work in support of the Hanford mission. We are currently accepting resumes. To apply, please review our career page or stop by our office at 3100 George Washington Way, Suite 111, Richland, WA.

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