Tony Scott


Tony Scott is Edgewater’s Director of Northwest U.S. and Special Projects.  In this role, he provides leadership, management, and technical support to Edgewater projects involving high-risk nuclear and high-hazard operations. He oversees Edgewater’s operations in the northwest including establishing and maintaining close relationships with clients and strategic partners, and helps attract and retain technical talent to support the nuclear operations, maintenance, research and development, and environmental missions of our clients.


With a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering, and a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Instructor Certification, Tony has over thirty years of nuclear operations experience in the commercial and DOE nuclear industry, including support for Southern Company, the Savannah River Site, Oak Ridge National Lab and the Hanford Reservation.  His specialties include extensive knowledge of program and project management, operations and maintenance, conduct of operations, analytical chemistry, engineering, ISMS, training within government-regulated nuclear and industrial environments, and regulatory compliance.