Edgewater Technical Associates, LLC
Past recipient of the Department of Energy's Small Business of the Year award.

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Edgewater provides expert assistance to organizations performing hazardous
operations where quality, safety, and regulatory compliance are essential.

A little about us

Established in 2003 in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Edgewater initially supported the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) with seven employees. Still headquartered in Los Alamos, the company now has regional offices in Oak Ridge, TN and Aiken, SC, which support a staff of over 130 senior consultants and staff augmentation personnel at DOE and NRC sites across the complex including LANL, SRS, ETTP, ORNL, TWPC, Y-12, NNSS, SPRU, WIPP, and the Hematite Decommission Site. Edgewater was awarded the 2010 DOE Small Business of the Year. Over the years, our support for a variety of customers on a variety projects has given us an expansive resume of experience and capabilities. Click on the titles of any of our core competencies summarized below for additional information.

Our Areas of Expertise

Multidiscipline Engineering Services

1Edgewater offers a full suite of engineering services ranging from initial design to operating systems engineering. Major support disciplines include architectural, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, 3-D CAD, and I&C, as well as industry specialties such as Nuclear Safety, Criticality Safety, Fire Protection Engineering, High Explosives, Nondestructive Assay (NDA), and radiological engineering support. Edgewater personnel have performed Vital Safety System (VSS) assessments and served as designated VSS System Engineers at multiple DOE nuclear facilities.

Nuclear, Waste, and D&D Operations Support

2Edgewater has provided operations support to nuclear and high-hazard activities including Category-2 nuclear facilities, accelerator, explosive, biological, gas plant, and radiological/hazardous material shipping facilities. Our integrated support has encompassed equipment operator, control room operator, and operations supervisor activities in integrated areas of day-to-day operations, emergency preparedness, safety basis and environmental regulatory compliance, training, procedures, and formality of operations.

Operational Readiness Preparation

3Edgewater’s senior staff of operations experts have supported facility readiness preparation for numerous Implementation Validation Reviews (IVRs), Operational Readiness Reviews (ORRs), and Contractor Readiness Assessments (CRAs). Our personnel regularly monitor activities and operations, support services, and the execution of roles and responsibilities to assure operationally compliant readiness and full implementation of all safety management programs and processes required to support safe and compliant operations.

Formality of

4Edgewater has provided extensive DOE O 422.1 Conduct of Operations program development and implementation at numerous facilities across the DOE complex. Our staff of senior experts have developed or enhanced ConOps programs, developed and implemented ConOps training, provided on-shift mentoring, and performed ConOps audits and assessments, all in support of DOE P 450.4 Integrated Safety Management (ISM) principles. We have also supported conduct of engineering, maintenance, and training programs at nuclear, environmental, and D&D facilities.

Safety Basis

5Edgewater has provided a wide range of 10CFR830 and DOE-STD-3009 or DOE-STD-3011 Safety Basis and Authorization Basis support including the analysis, development, and implementation of DSAs, TSDs, BIOs, TSRs and HASPs. Edgewater personnel have performed hazard analysis, accident analysis, design feature and SSC selection, and control set selection and development (TSRs). A senior Edgewater manager currently serves as the facility Safety Basis Manager for a DOE TRU Waste processing facility.

Environmental Remediation and Regulatory Support

6Edgewater has provided senior subject matter experts to support facility management with environmental program and compliance issues at DOE facilities across the complex. We have provided regulatory interpretation and strategic planning for negotiations and interface with DOE, State, and Federal regulators. This support typically includes strategic planning, oversight, compliance assessment, and management/supervision of daily operations of environmental sites and regulated outfalls.

Maintenance and Integrated Work Planning

7Edgewater personnel are expert in the Integrated Work Planning process. Edgewater provides senior work planning and scheduling resources to Operations, Maintenance and Construction activities and have been instrumental in the successful execution of hundreds of work planning jobs, ranging from preventive maintenance tasks to nuclear and non-nuclear facility modifications, construction, and D&D projects.

Systematic Approach to Training

8Edgewater is expert in the formal application of the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) and associated personnel qualification requirements mandated by DOE/NNSA and DOE Order 426.2. We have developed, managed, and implemented complete training and qualification programs for a wide variety of high-hazard programs.

Procedure Writing for Regulated Industries

9We are expert in the application of DOE and industry standards for technical writing, and understand the logistical and managerial requirements associated with supporting procedures organizations in an integrated approach with training and qualification programs. This integration produces user-friendly, well-written procedures and work instructions that become key components of human reliability, required for complex, hazardous, or highly regulated environments.